How to Build a Film Brand w/ Zombie with a Shotgun's Hilton Ruiz
I always talk about building a fan base and making art or products that can be sold to that audience. Well, today's guest is doing just that with his viral sensation Zombie with a Shotgun. Creator Hilton Ariel Ruiz created this film property and is really knocking it out of the park.
He has comic books, posters, a web series and soon to be produced feature film. I ask Hilton on the show because I kept seeing him pop up on my social media feeds. They man knows what he's doing. With close to a quarterr million Twitter followers the man knows how to build an audience.
ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN is the feature adaptation of the popular web series of the same name. Aaron and Rachel are on the run due to the fact that Aaron is infected by what seems to be a zombie virus. As the story unfolds, they find that there is more to this infection than it seems. For some reason, he has not developed the full zombie virus. He seems to be trapped in a transitional phase which grants him certain abilities. One of them is the ability to communicate with other zombies. This makes Aaron a valuable pawn as he's being pursued by shadowy figures with ulterior motives. Now he must stay alive (or undead) long enough to figure out the source of his infection!

Enjoy my conversation with Hilton Ariel Ruiz.