How to Work Creatively with People and Not Kill Each Other
One of the biggest issues filmmakers, screenwriters and creative types in general have is working with other people. Creativity is very personal to an artist, in any part of the process. I've seen first-hand decade-long friendships get destroyed by "creative differences".
I could see the deterioration of relationships in my edit suite over the years; producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, etc. I personally lost friends along my filmmaking journey because of creative differences.
The biggest problem I see is that people need to set up a clear distribution of responsibilities for each person in the party. Create sandboxes and rules of play in those sandboxes. Miscommunication is death in any relationship.
In this episode, I go over a few techniques that have helped me work creatively with people. I can't tell how sad it is when you lose a friendship over a project, I hope this episode can help you avoid this unneeded pain. We make movies. We tell stories. We provide entertainment to others. We should be able to build long-lasting creative relationships in this business.