As promised today's guest is Jamie Adams, the writer/director of the new film Alright Now starring (Cobie Smulders, “How I Met Your Mother, Avengers”) You can listen to her interview here. I wanted to chat with Jamie because he has made a career of shooting feature films fast, cheap and completely improv.

As you all know I shot my first two features, This is Meg and On the Corner of Ego and Desire, using the same style and techniques. They're not a ton of film directors shooting features films like this, let alone films with major movie stars in them, so I had to have him on to discuss his process.

in this interview Jamie breaks down:

- How he was able to cast Cobie Smulders
- What his process is when writing the scriptment
- How he works with actors
- How he covers a scene and much more

Here's a bit about the film:

ALRIGHT NOW follows Joanne (Cobie Smulders, “How I Met Your Mother, Avengers”) a rock musician who drunkenly enrolls in college after she breaks up with her boyfriend and her band falls apart. Convinced she will give the youngsters a run for their money, Joanne is shocked to discover that no one knows who she is and they could care less about her rock star past. Completely improvised and Directed by Jamie Adams (Black Mountain Poets), ALRIGHT NOW is a feel-good comedy about love, life and the search for new beginnings.

Enjoy my conversation with writer/director Jamie Adams.