Today on the show returning 2-time champion, writer and filmmaker Joshua Caldwell. Joshua has been on the show twice before and both his episodes went viral.

Well, he's back to talk about his new film INFAMOUS starring Bella Thorne, Jake Manley, Amber Riley, and former guest on the show Todd Jenkins.

Arielle, a young woman who lives in a small Florida town, is stuck. Arielle has always wanted more: fame, popularity, and admiration. But when she falls for a recently paroled young criminal named Dean, she drags him back into a life of danger, learning that posting their criminal exploits on social media is an easy way to viral fame. They embark on a dangerous adventure together that leads to robbery, cop chases, and murder.

Joshua and I speak about how he used his micro-budget skillset on a much larger budget. We also touch upon

Releasing his film during COVID-19
Working with movie stars on an indie budget
The development process
Working with a studio
Shooting the entire film in 22 days
COVID-19 and the future of our business
Working with tighter creative restraints
Since INFAMOUS is coming out to theaters right in the middle of COVID-19, his distributor decided to pump the film out to drive-in theaters. Let's see what happens.

Prepare for some knowledge bombs. Enjoy my conversation with Joshua Caldwell.