Welcome to the newest member of the IFH Podcast Network. May I introduce you to Inside the Screenwriter's MInd: A Screenwriting Archive with Alex Ferrari.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a screenwriter’s mind? In this podcast, we explore how successful screenwriters tackle structure, plot, character, dialog, and the film business. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole of story. Let’s travel inside the screenwriter’s mind with your guide Alex Ferrari.

I wanted to create a podcast that could not only highlight the in-depth conversations I have done with some of the world's greatest screenwriters in Hollywood but I also wanted to shine a light on other amazing interviews from the IFH Podcast Network.

In this podcast, I will be your guide down the rabbit-hole of story as I bring you interviews from the following podcasts:

Indie Film Academy Podcast
Dave Bullis Podcast
Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast
Film Trooper Podcast
and others from the IFH Podcast Network

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Thank you for listening and I hope this podcast truly helps you on your screenwriting path. Write. Rewrite. Sell. Repeat. 


Today we go inside the mind of screenwriter Thunder Levin (Sharknado Franchise). This is a re-broadcast from the Indie Film Academy Podcast. Thunder wrote and created the legendary Sharknado franchise spawning a universe of rip-offs and copy cats.

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the 'Hood! (2008) starring C. Thomas Howell was Thunder's feature film directorial debut. This led to him writing and/or directing several films for production company The Asylum, including American Warships (2012) and AE: Apocalypse Earth (2013), culminating in the pop culture phenomenon Sharknado (2013). While continuing to write and direct feature films, he is also developing episodic television projects.

Enjoy your journey into the mind of Thunder Levin.

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