Veydra Mini Cinema Primes: Real Cinema Lenses You Can Afford
If you're an indie filmmaker and shoot your own stuff, the price of really good glass is generally too damn expensive and cinema-style primes lenses are totally out of reach...until now.
Until recently, the most cost effective cinema-style primes lenses have been pre-existing stills lenses, which can create problems with matching and physical layout. You have the "pulling focus issue" that still lenses have (top marks vs side marks for the 1st AC to pull focus).
Enter Veydra's Mini Cinema Primes. This amazing company has put the power back in the hands of the indie filmmaker at an affordable cost. These extremely compact lenses have an amazing build and image quality. They are light, compact and just gorgeous.
Today's guest is the co-founder of Veydra lenses Ryan Avery. We discuss all things lenses, what cinematographers are looking for and the core mission of Veydra, to help filmmakers. If you want to learn a bit more about how cinema lenses work or how a couple of filmmaking entrepreneurs built a killer company then take a listen.