Have you ever kept seeing an actor pop up in all your favorite films and television shows? Well, that guy is probably Greg Grunberg. I've been a fan of Greg before I knew who Greg was. Greg Grunberg has been in some of the BIGGEST films and shows of all time. 
Yup! Greg Grunberg has been around. He's the definition of a working actor. It's worth a listen just to hear his stories from Comic-Con and the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Greg Grunberg also hosts a show with Kevin Smith called Geeking Out! Here's some more on that.
Actor Greg Grunberg talks with Kevin Smith about working with J.J. Abrams and those notoriously tight 'Star Trek' uniforms. Grunberg also gives details about his new late-night AMC talk show "Geeking Out," which he hosts with pal Smith. 
Greg also has an amazing friendship with writer/director JJ Abrams and we go into how that relationship came to be.
In this episode, Greg talks filmmaking shop, tells us stories from the set and comic cons and inspires us to never give up and keep on hustlin'. Enjoy my geek out with Greg Grunberg.