Today on the show we have writer/cinematographer/director Julian Galea. He directed a micro-budget film called Love to Paradise.
Set in the magical Mediterranean islands of Malta, this indie travel romance proves it’s not love until it’s paradise.
When American tourist Giovanni falls for local artist Carmen, they embark on a passionate and unforgettable journey across the Maltese islands only to be broken by the truth. Now at a crossroads, Giovanni choose between his livelihood or a fight to win the love of a woman that forever changed him.
Check out the trailer below.
I wanted Julian on the show, not only because he made a steller micro-budget film but I wanted him to give us the secrets on how he cracked the top 3 of iTunes Pre-orders with his little indie film. Check out the picture below and see which Big budget Hollywood tentpole films he was beating.

Julian Galea is a Maltese-Australian filmmaker. He studied at New York Film Academy as a writer-director. His work includes a series of awarded short films and his latest feature film debut, LOVE TO PARADISE. Enjoy my conversation with Julian Galea.