At the age of five you might say that Richard Marx began a career that so far has lasted a lifetime. At this very young age he was already singing lyrics for the jingles his father would compose and produce for top advertising clients in Chicago. That was the beginning of a Grammy Award-winning career that has allowed Marx to write and produce for some of the greatest artists in the music business, beginning with the one star that noticed him and brought him into his world of hit creation - Lionel Richie. As a mentor, Richie helped pave a road of success for Marx, bringing him in as a background singer for several of his hit albums. Marx has enjoyed a career that many would envy, but it all began with his musical hero, his father, who taught him as a young boy how a hard-work ethic will always pay off. Richard is proof of that, as he continues to embody the musical spirit of his father. Inside MusiCast welcomes Richard Marx.