On this episode of Inside MusiCast well explore an album that was recorded and produced in 1995, but failed to get support from its label and fell flat in terms of its overall sales. Aside from the record label snub, this album was a diamond in the rough a true blue-eyed, late 70s soul album that was the right album at the wrong time. The album is Musically Adrift by band mates Barney Hurley and Gavin Dodds, otherwise knows as Samuel Purdey. Influenced by the likes of Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, and Earth Wind and Fire, Musically Adrift revisits this great genre of music and the ten original tracks stacks-up with the likes of these iconic predecessors. Today on Inside MusiCast we welcome Barney Hurley from Samuel Purdey to go inside the magic of Musically Adrift.