As percussionist and member of the Grammy Award-winning jazz quartet Bla Fleck and the Flecktones, Roy Futureman Wooten, loves walking on the high wire of musical experimentation. And, if youre familiar with the music of the Flecktones, you know exactly what were talking about. Futureman, Victor Wooten (Roy's brother), Bla Fleck, and Jeff Coffin have been creating music from the inside out for twenty yearsand the music they create is like nothing else out there. Much more than a musician and composer, Futureman also is an inventor. He plays a modified MIDI-based, SynthAxe dubbed a Drumitar that triggers digital percussion modules along with acoustic drums while performing. The sounds, textures, time signatures, and overall rythms of his musical creations border on genius. His amazing musical knowledge on theory, composition and rhythm leave you speechless. Prepare to learn a little more about musicbecause the future has arrived.that is, Inside MusiCast welcomes Futureman.