If your last name is Porcaro, you live in Southern California, and youre in the music industry, youre name is golden. And if your name is Steve Porcaro, that gold has translated into 15 Grammys that youve held in your hands over the years. As an original member of the band Toto, keyboardist, composer and songwriter Steve Porcaro has had his share of success. He has written many significant songs over his career, such as Michael Jacksons Human Nature, that was recently performed by guitarist John Mayer at Jacksons Memorial in the Staples Center. Hes written and performed for artists such as Madonna, The Carpenters, Gary Wright, Diana Ross, Peabo Bryson, Yes, Jefferson Airplane, and others. His discography has included countless musical scores for video, film and television, and he remains consistently busy in these arenas. With credits on seven Toto albums and ten film scores, Steve doesnt rest on his legacy nor his familys. Instead he moves ahead focused on his desire to confront new musical territory. From his work with James Newton Howard on the Friends album, to the soundtrack to Dune, to Toto, his resilience, along with his family name, makes him golden. Inside MusiCast welcomes Steve Porcaro.