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Welcome back! So it’s been over a month since the last show. At home, everyone’s been sick off an on, and it’s made for a rough fall. I’ve been working on show 88, but to tide you over I’ve posted this mix tape of some songs I’ve played on he show over the past 7+ years. I am still working on some changes for the show, and good positive changes can take time, so stay tuned!

  • Automatic Toys – Dancing with the Devil
  • Little Black Dress – Call the Paparazzi
  • Pete Lesperance – What are you waiting for
  • White Horse – Achilles Desire
  • Aviator Shades – Chasing Sunsets
  • 22 Hertz – Detonate
  • Chasing Eidolon – Set Me Free
  • Core – Best of Me
  • Don’t Believe
  • Best Thing
  • Heather Dale – Fortune

Thank you listeners for taking the time to listen to my show. Thank you Bands, Musicians, and promoters for sending me music. I have a call you to you the listeners and Musicians! With no more AMPed and a lack of anything else to put at the end of a show, I’m turing to you the listeners, the bands, the musicians to help me come up with something to stick at the end of the show. A tune, a little blurb about the show, part of Insomnia Radio group of Podcasts (even though I’m the only active show currently). It’s a chance to get your work aired at the end of every show.

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Thank you to those who subscribers on Castbox! Looking forward to doing some live review shows there!