Download IR: Canada #88



Running Red Lights – Call of Prudence – Toronto ON
Kraken Not Stirred – Front Row Seat – Toronto ON
Dylon Perkons – Love Like Mine – Victoria BC
Kinley – Run With Me – Charlottetown PEI
Tyler Gilbert – Song Across the Sea – Regina SK

Welcome back! It’s February, 2020. There have been a lot of things going on that have been pulling my focus away from the show an other enjoyable things. Job hunting full time for one thing. If you’re experienced with Patron or other such programs I’d love to hear from you. We are working on some changes for the show, and good positive changes can take time, so stay tuned!

Thank you listeners for taking the time to listen to my show. Thank you Bands, Musicians, and promoters for sending me music. I have a call you to you the listeners and Musicians! With no more AMPed and a lack of anything else to put at the end of a show, I’m turing to you the listeners, the bands, the musicians to help me come up with something to stick at the end of the show. A tune, a little blurb about the show, part of Insomnia Radio group of Podcasts (even though I’m the only active show currently). It’s a chance to get your work aired at the end of every show.

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Thank you to those who subscribers on Castbox! Looking forward to doing some live review shows there!