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Welcome back! Are you staying home? Wearing your mask? Doing your part to help everyone stay safe and help the world eradicate Covid-19? I sure hope so. It doesn’t take much to help and do your part. If everyone did, and we had less “this is a hoax” then we might be in a better place now. Though I really hope we don’t return to the old normal. Working 40+ hours a week. Being tired and exhausted. Commuting hours for work. That’s just not good for anyone. I’m still working on changes for this show, and possibly the entire network, so please stay tuned!

Thank you listeners for taking the time to listen to my show. Thank you Bands, Musicians, and promoters for sending me music. I don’t talk on the show that much about my personal life, as I’ve always felt the show was to feature and talk about Canadian Bands and musicians. Back in I left a very secure job in 2018 where my hours were mostly 11:30am to 9:30pm. I was at work when my family was at home. So I took a leap of faith and started at work from home job that did not last. I worked temp jobs for the next almost 2 years. January 3 2020 I was let go from my last temp position and have been struggling to find something stable with work life balance since then. At the same time I lost the work from home job my husband (we’ve been together over 20 years), was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer. Yes, diagnosed at Stage 4! Before the age of 50, which is very rare. As of February 2020 he was no longer able to make the 1 hour commute to work, put in an 8 hour + day and make that 1 hour commute home. Thus financially we had taken quite the hit. Now add in Covid 19. That’s why I started the patreon page for this show. But, if you can’t manage a monthly Patreon donation, please consider a one time donate to his fund Help John Fight Cancer. Donations can be done anonymously. Every penny goes to bills, keeping a roof over our head and food on the table. If you can manage a monthly patreon donation the site is: IR Canada Patreon Perks are listed on the site and start with shout out Thank-you’s on the show and social media pages.

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Thank you to those who subscribers on Castbox! Looking forward to doing some live review shows there!