IR Canada

Our second run of my favourites from our first 6ish years. I hope you enjoy my choices and our next show should return us to an older format of bi-weekly shows running at 30ish minutes per show.

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This Weeks Tracks
Glo – I don’t Believe – Shows 40
Drowning Girl – Bang – Show 31
Chasing Satellites – Not Like This – Show 28
Chasing Eidolon – Supernova – Shows
Pete Lesperance – What Are You Waiting For – Shows
Double Experience – Who the Hell, Glimmer Shot – Shows
TWNRVA – Bad Decisions – Show 74

Other Tracks I wanted to play on either of the Favourite Shows and couldn’t track down 🙁 No doubt I’ll eventually track those down and play them again sometime down the road. In the meantime, if you want to hear them, check out the shows they were originally played on!

Kill Matilda – Zombie Apocalypse, Needle and Thread
Cardboard Crowns – Pulling Teeth
Copy Red Leader – Crossing the Streams
Michael Logozar – This Joy
Heather Dale – Fortune
Red Rosamond – Damn – Show 62
Neula Charles – Crumbling Down – Show 62
The Medicine Hat – New Survival – Show 58
Brother Neil – Off My Mind – Show 68 (cd was in my car)