An experimental ship, The Event Horizon (1997), that had disappeared in the year 2040 suddenly reappears seven years later. The rescue ship Louis & Clark is sent to investigate, recover the ship, and rescue any surviving crew. They discover that the crew is dead and the horrors of hell itself have been unleashed on The Event Horizon. This week Invasion of the Remake has additional crew aboard to help us in remaking Event Horizon. Joining us aboard the Invasion mothership are Nick from Epic Film Guys, Stork & Peacock from Besotted Geek, Tony from Flicks XRayed, and Frank & Derrick from Work/Life Imbalance. With their help and expertise we explore the terrors of deep space and delve into the secrets of the Event Horizon.    #AllTheHorror @AllTheHorror18   Support independent podcasts like ours by telling your friends and family how to find us at places like Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tune In Radio, Audioboom, BluBrry, Libsyn, YouTube, iHeartRadio and all the best podcast providers. Spread the love! Like, share and subscribe!

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