Sorceress (1982) is the most insane fantasy film we've ever had to rework into a modern remake. It has a floating head spitting lasers, angry monkey men, a frisky goat man, a lion with bat wings, the living dead, and twin playmates proficient in the magical and martial arts. All of this and more is wrapped in a Roger Corman bow. Yes it is awful. Join Invasion of the Remake in a land of swords and sorcery as we remake Sorceress!   Support independent podcasts like ours by telling your friends and family how to find us at places like Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tune In Radio, RadioPublic, BluBrry, Libsyn, YouTube, iHeartRadio and all the best podcast providers. Spread the love! Like, share and subscribe!

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