We have two hours of awesome Celtic fiddle music for this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast thanks to the generosity of our Patrons of the Podcast. You'll hear awesome indie Celtic music from Three Mile Stone, The Gothard Sisters, Clandestine, Cady Finlayson, Hair of the Dog, Samantha Gillogly/Tim Maurice, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats, FiddleSticks, Fiddlinda: Linda Relph, Jamie Laval/Ashley Broder, The Elders, Eilis Crean, Heidi Jane, The Selkie Girls, Atlantic Wave, Burning Bridget Cleary, The Tea Merchants, Black Market Haggis, Dust Rhinos, Flashpoint, Maidens IV, Bedlam Bards, Bonnie Rideout, Scythian, Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Banna De Dha, Tullamore, Sean Orr, Bow Triplets, Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen. celticmusicpodcast.com/229

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:57"Brian Montague's/The Noisey Curlew/The Drake's Neck/Free and Easy" by Three Mile Stonefrom Three Mile Stone

6:16"The Three Coins" by The Gothard Sistersfrom Story Girl

8:45"Saucy Girl" by Clandestinefrom The Ale Is Dear

13:22"Open Roads Ahead" by Cady Finlaysonfrom Irish Coffee

15:21"Mountain Dew" by Hair of the Dogfrom Release the Hounds

17:25"My Lagan Love" by Samantha Gillogly/Tim Mauricefrom Celtic Chamber Music

22:35"Kitty's Rambles/Dowd's 9 Lives/Jenny's Chicken" by Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Catsfrom Whiskers in the Jar

26:42"Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier" by FiddleSticksfrom Ampersand

30:30"Take Down" by Fiddlinda: Linda Relphfrom There & Then - Here & Now

35:14"Levantine's 'Spinning' Barrel" by Jamie Laval/Ashley Broderfrom Zephyr in the Confetti Factory

39:26"Building A Boat" by The Eldersfrom Wanderin' Life & Times

44:32"Lafferty's Set" by Eilis Creanfrom The Lonesome Fiddler

48:50"Whiskey Before Breakfast" by Heidi Janefrom A Thousand Reason Why

50:51"Red Haired Mary" by The Selkie Girlsfrom Long Time Traveling

55:05"Johnny Cunningham's" by Atlantic Wavefrom Craic'd!

58:10"Oh My Little Darling/Fire on the Mountain" by Burning Bridget Clearyfrom Pressed For Time

1:02:26"Frogg Polkas" by The Tea Merchantsfrom Gaslight Snaps

1:06:57"The Moontown Jig/The Moontown Reel" by Black Market Haggisfrom Demo

1:08:30"Drinking Like a Fiddler" by Dust Rhinosfrom The Day After the Night Before

1:11:32"Joe's Lost E Jig/Marcel Martin" by Flashpointfrom A Timely Misadventure

1:18:52"Fiddler's Magic" by Maidens IVfrom Four Aflame

1:24:37"MacPherson's Farewell" by Bedlam Bardsfrom Furious Fancies

1:29:23"Happy Frank/Alick Young/The Cairngorm/The Hurricane" by Bonnie Rideoutfrom Scottish Inheritance

1:35:14"Stop the Show" by Scythianfrom Immigrant Road Show

1:37:32"Labasheeda" by Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipleyfrom Yesterday I Saw the Earth Beautiful

1:41:33"Comb Your Hair & Curl It/The White Petticoat/The Black Rogue" by Banna De Dhafrom Band of Two

1:46:29"Work of the Weavers" by Tullamorefrom Wild and Wicked Youth

1:52:20"Maclaine of Loch Buie" by Sean Orrfrom Celtic Texas

1:55:01"Calum Sgaire" by Bow Tripletsfrom Secret Signs

1:59:12"The Old Wooden Bridge / Delia Crowley's / The Heather Breeze" by Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersenfrom Life Is All Checkered

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Here's some pictures sent in by our listeners this week.

Travis Senzaki a the Glasgow WhiskyBar

River Godbee working on Math

Off Kilter Kilts Store panorama

Kenneth Pfarr's location listening to the show