Irish Celtic music from Brian O h'Uiginn, Ed Miller, Ciana, Kyle Carey, Black Market Haggis, Smithfield Fair, Sweetfire, Cianan, Atlantic Wave, The Pederick-Hutson Guitar Duo, The Bilge Pumps, Kailyarders, 3 Pints Gone, Fiddlinda: Linda Relph, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Bad Haggis, Beth Patterson, Emerald Rose, Derek Young, Trip McCool, Erin's Guild, Tullamore, O'hanleigh, The Brazen Heads, New Shilling, The Sandcarvers, Mithril, Ken O'Malley, Maidens IV.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:18"Maire Dhonn" by Brian O h'Uiginn from Tionchar

4:20"The Wark O'the Weavers" by Ed Millerfrom Come Awa' Wi' Me

7:55"Matt People's/Pauline Conneely's Mulqueen's" by Cianafrom Loneliest Road

11:12"Casey Jones Whistle Blow" by Kyle Careyfrom North Star

14:51"Mist Covered Mountains/The Musical Priest" by Black Market Haggisfrom Demo

17:25"Walk the Highlands" by Smithfield Fairfrom Twenty For Twenty

20:58Celtic Music News

23:01"The Butterfly/Miss McLeod's/Pigeon on the Gate" by Sweetfirefrom Sweetfire

27:26"Archers Arrow" by Ciananfrom

31:42"Bonny Portmore" by Atlantic Wavefrom Craic'd

35:01"Carolan's Draught" by The Pederick-Hutson Guitar Duofrom The Seas Are Deep

38:32"Seven Bridges Road" by The Bilge Pumps/Tullamorefrom Bail Money

41:49"Maritime Girl" by Kailyardersfrom King of the Jolly

44:59"Willie McBride's Reply" by 3 Pints Gonefrom It's About Bloody Time

49:10"Take Down" by Fiddlinda: Linda Relphfrom There & Then - Here & There

53:55"I am Ireland" by Wild Colonial Bhoysfrom Irish in America

59:02Listener Feedback

1:01:22"The B-52" by Bad Haggisfrom Trip

1:04:21"Scorch" by Beth Pattersonfrom Forward

1:07:10"Danny in the Jar" by Emerald Rosefrom Con Suite

1:09:59"Flowers of the Forest" by Derek Young

1:13:34"Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill" by Trip McCoolfrom The Traveler

1:18:52Win Free Tickets to a Celtic music festival and Highland Game

1:19:55"Eyes of Clover" by Erin's Guildfrom Broken Man

1:24:00"Next Market Day" by Tullamorefrom Timber & Stream

1:28:20"Mike Muldowney" by O'hanleighfrom Of Irish Crossings Told

1:32:05"One Eyed Reilly" by The Brazen Headsfrom Who's Your Paddy

1:37:06"Princess Royal - Sa'iidi Celtic" by New Shillingfrom New Shilling

1:41:43"King's Crown" by The Sandcarversfrom Dealin' Craic

1:46:27"Earl's Chair/Temperance Reel/Swinging on a Gate" by Mithrilfrom Tangled Up

1:50:50"Homes of Donegal" by Ken O'Malleyfrom OMaille

"Irish Blessing" by Maidens IVfrom Celtic Fire

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