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This Week in Celtic Music

0:27"O'Flaherty's Jig" by Brian Thomasfrom Prairie Rain

4:49"Tripping" by Fiddlinda: Linda Relphfrom There & Then - Here & Now

9:00"Terry Mullen's Jig" by Sarah Marie Mullenfrom Harper's Bizarre

11:07"I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her/Fraher's" by Paddy Glackinfrom In Full Spate

14:10"Taimse Im Chodladh" by Fromseier Rosefrom Live Performance

18:38"Strathspey & Reels" by E.J. Jonesfrom The Willow

24:22"The Bird in the Bush/Fermoy Lasses/Maids of Mount Cisco" by Loudwhisperfrom Baroque & Traditional Music of Ireland & Scotland

29:28"The Postman Always Jigs Twice" by Barleyjuicefrom Skulduggery Street

32:48"Slow Air: Mar Mheath Uaim Mo Chairdhe, Lament for My Love" by Con Durham & Maz O'Flahertyfrom Ar An Sli (On the Way)

35:20"Jigs: Partners in Time, Ian McCleod, The Seagull, The Hen's March" by The Roguesfrom Scottish Rogues

40:20"Planxty Irwin" by Thomas Patrick Kennyfrom The Music of Turlough O’Carolan and Other Irish Treasures

42:52"Independence Trail/Tuscaloosa Cardinal" by Jil Chamblessfrom The Ladies Go Dancing

48:20"Flying CDs" by NUAfrom BOLD

53:01"Sergeant Early's Dream" by Eilis Creanfrom The Lonesome Fiddler

1:00:46"Dunphy's/Higgins (Hornpipes)" by Carey Streetfrom Carey Street

1:05:24"Saoirse (Pronounced Searsha)" by The Young Dublinersfrom Saints and Sinners

1:08:25"Brian Boru's March" by Thomas "Doc" Grauzerfrom Infernal Harp Racket

1:11:20"J.S. Carolan" by The Tea Merchantsfrom Gaslight Snaps

1:17:33"Jamie's Footsteps" by Tartanicfrom Unstoppable

1:20:23"The Rose in the Heather" by The Brayzen Headsfrom Floored

1:23:50"Polkas: Cuz Tehan's/Gan Ainm/Johnny Leary's" by Rattle the Boardsfrom The Parish Platform

1:27:17"SlipTease" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyerfrom Slip Tease

1:31:58"Rolling Hills - Jester - Phoenix" by Burning Bridget Clearyfrom Everything Is Alright

1:36:36"Highland Cathedral" by Finn's Furyfrom What About Ya?

1:40:09"Lover's Ghost/Maud Miller" by Oisin McAuleyfrom Far From the Hills of Donegal

1:44:34"Itchy Fingers" by Cady Finlayson and Vita Tangafrom Electric Green

1:47:23"Gentle Annie" by Mark Daviesfrom The Celtic Harp

1:51:02"In the Loo/The Moyside Hotel" by Jameson's Revengefrom While Yer Up

1:54:32"The Drunken Gauger (jig)" by TJ Hull and Jeff Ksiazekfrom Eist

1:59:06"Willow's Waltz" by The Gothard Sistersfrom Story Girl

2:03:56"Reels Part Two (My Love Is In America)" by Bad Haggisfrom Trip

2:06:53"Saddle the Pony/When Sick Is The Tea You Want" by Franco Bordonifrom Urgente

2:10:07"Anach Cuan/Carolan's Dream" by Samantha Gillogly/Tim Mauricefrom Celtic Chamber Music

2:13:35"The Rambling Pitchfork/Father Dol" by An Triurfrom

2:19:12"The Humours of Tulla/Bank of Ireland/Steam Packet" by Steve Hawsonfrom No Distance/Gan Achar

2:22:36"Air - The Humors of Swalinbar - Mrs. Patterson's Slippers - Noisy Curlew" by FIMMfrom Roiboos e Disappunti

2:28:53"Jenny Pluck Pears/La Rotta" by Harpnoticfrom Harpnotic

2:31:28"Lost in the Loop" by Tom Morleyfrom The Raven's Wing

2:35:12"Geanna's Waltz" by Giant's Dancefrom Giant's Dance

2:39:02"Mrs. Coal" by Donna Germanofrom Celtic Echoes

2:43:17"A Miner" by Dougie MacDonaldfrom Dougie MacDonald

2:44:53"The Green Forest" by Billfiddlefrom Memories of Scotland

2:47:50"Roundabout Reel" by Dublin Harpersfrom Building Canoes

2:50:48"Sligo Reel" by Flookfrom Flatfish

2:56:49"Road to Ruins" by The Eldersfrom Story Road

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