TnT's Annual Visit to the Vet, Cat CD House Concerts, Kitten War, Cats need to drink lots of water, "Lord of the Pounce"

Cat Music & News
  • TnT's Annual Visit to the Vet
  • Cat CD House Concerts
  • Thanks to the Musicians on the CD. Some will be at the Austin Celtic Festival this November, including: Heather GilmerSarah Dinan, Cedric of the Bedlam Bards and Christopher Buckley of Cluan.
  • Kitten War
  • Cats need to drink lots of water
  • I want to offer Special Thanks to these Kind Supporters: Molly McDevitt, Pamela Worsham, Carole Simpsons, Robert Freeborn, Aaron Williams
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  • SONG: Lord of the Pounce

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