I'm about to rove out to the Scotland for the next week. Enjoy Celtic music from Sarah Copus, Scotland Rising, Stanley & Grimm, Loudwhisper, The Founding, Carl Peterson, Kevin Behan, Francis A. MacDonald, Smithfield Fair, Tom Eure, Old Blind Dogs, Richard Koechli & Blue Roots Company, Brad Tuck, Stout Pounders, Ockham's Razor. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/

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0:03 "Hut on Staffin Island-Paddy's Trip to Scotland" by Sarah Copus from Moorland Winds

3:35 "Billy's Belly" by Scotland Rising from Out of the Ashes

5:17 "Stars Over Cloughanover_Randy Millers Tour of Scotland" by Stanley & Grimm from Open the Gate

10:12 "Dumbarton's Drums" by Loudwhisper from Baroque & Traditional Music of Ireland & Scotland

11:26 "Silhouettes Against the Soil" by The Founding from Form.


21:56 "To the Field Freemen (Draw the Sword Scotland)" by Carl Peterson from Scotland Remembers the Alamo

24:57 "Sean Agus Mhaire" by Kevin Behan from Single

28:34 "Away in Cape Breton" by Francis A. MacDonald from Single

31:46 "An Coineachan (The Fairy Chase)" by Smithfield Fair from Scotland, Fair Scotland

35:55 "Yes Please" by Tom Eure from The Coin, The Prayer & The Crow


40:59 "Scotland Yet" by Old Blind Dogs from Wherever Yet May Be

44:22 "Irish Man" by Richard Koechli & Blue Roots Company from Parcours

52:00 "As I Roved Out" by Brad Tuck from On These Waters

54:47 "One of These Days" by Stout Pounders from Thirst

59:14 "Baidin Fheilimi" by Ockham's Razor from Job's Comforter

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Jeffree St.John emailed: "Thank You! Love the show, I’m a stay at home dad and usually listen to it while I’m cooking or cleaning, dancing with my three year old or just wishing I could take a break. Lived in N Ireland as a young lad back in the early 80’s, and listening to the show reminds me of that part of my childhood. Plan on supporting the show. More later. Gotta run now the youngest is waking up. Keep up the great work."

James commented on the website: "I am cruising thru Cavan, Ireland on Google Earth while sitting at work doing anything but work. My mother discovered that our family is from that area and were flax farmers back in the day. I have been listening to your podcast for over a year, but now it calls me home even more! Thank you for all the work you do to bring the podcast to us daydreamers."

Chrystin Pleasants emailed: "Hello, Marc, I am writing thank-you notes on behalf of my deceased sister to her many friends who supported her during her illness.  While this could be sad, I am enjoying listening to the podcast and thinking of my wonderful sister."

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