Bagpipes and Irish Celtic music from EJ Jones, The Rogues, Jesse Ferguson, Culann’s Hounds, The Blarney Rebel Band, Ed Yother, Carmina, NeidFyre, Brendan Loughrey, Clandestine, Plantec, Prydein, Callanach, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:03“Bayou Reels” by EJ Jonesfrom The Willow

6:09“Scotland the Brave” by The Roguesfrom Live in Canada, Eh?

8:30“Will Ye Go to Flanders” by Jesse Fergusonfrom The Parting Glass

12:38“Plican Inn: The Wedding Reel/The Bag of Spuds” by Culann’s Houndsfrom Year of the Dog

16:30“Will You Meet Me Outside St James Gate” by The Blarney Rebel Bandfrom Pursuit

21:46“Paddy West” by Ed Yotherfrom Ed Yother

26:14“Danny Boy” by Carminafrom

29:30“Farewell to Chernobyl/Tam Lin” by NeidFyrefrom Waddle from the Sea

33:14“Boys Of The Old Brigade” by Brendan Loughreyfrom To Those Who Fell

37:46“The Hare Reels” by Clandestinefrom ReD

42:29“Orin” by Plantecfrom Awen

46:51“Minstrel Boy” by Prydeinfrom Loud Pipes (Save Lives)

50:28“A Sailor’s Song” by Callanachfrom Walk On Up

54:22“The Willows” by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyerfrom Scatter Pipes