Irish Celtic music from Siochain, The AM String Band, The Kreellers, Skully, The Canny Brothers Band, Maidens IV, Rising Gael, Brigands’ Folie, Beyond the Pale, Celtic Squall, Tullamore, Ron Cody, The Blarney Rebel Band, Kennedy’s Kitchen, Trinity River Whalers, Sora, Fiddler’s Green, Finns Fury, Sonic Impulse, Heidi-Jane.

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This Week's Celtic Music

"Keg of Brandy" by Siochainfrom Piece by Piece

"Gravel Walk/Elzic's Farewell" by The AM String Bandfrom Take Root!

"Sixth and Porter" by The Kreellersfrom Sixth and Porter

"Molly Malone" by Skullyfrom Irish Makeover

"Leaving Of Liverpool" by The Canny Brothers Bandfrom The Canny Brothers Band

"Rocks of Bawn" by Maidens IVfrom Emerald Fire

"Stretched on Your Grave" by Rising Gaelfrom One More Day

"The River Pirate" by Brigands' Foliefrom Fog and Fire

"Cuckoo's Nest/Old French/Klezmer Redwing" by Beyond the Palefrom The Music Plays Me

"Ca the Yowes" by Celtic Squallfrom Celtic Squall

"Arthur McBride" by Tullamorefrom Wild and Wicked Youth

"Salamanca/The Golden Keyboard" by Ron Codyfrom The Talking Rake

"Stand With Me Boys" by The Blarney Rebel Bandfrom Buy My Soul

"The Weasel In The Henhouse And Ships Are Sailing" by Kennedy's Kitchenfrom The Hotting Fire

"Mr. Valentine's Dead" by Trinity River Whalersfrom Party In A Box

"Twilight" by Sorafrom Heartwood

"Folk's Not Dead" by Fiddler's Greenfrom Drive Me Mad

"Tippin It Up to Nancy" by Finns Furyfrom What About Ya?

"Chenier Shuffle" by Sonic Impulsefrom Pipe Dreams

"Tony" by Heidi-Janefrom A Thousand Reasons Why

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PROMO - The First Rule of Flying: Songs from the Black II

CELTIC TOP 5In every episode of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, I ask you to vote for your favorite song in that podcast. The most-popular song is then featured at the end of the next podcast. Here are the most-popular songs from the last show.

5. "Siochain I Do Chroi - Let There Be Peace"  by The Borrowed Angels4. "Lavendar Blue" by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer3. "Raggle Taggle Gypsy" by Hair of the Dog2. "Raindrops in Whiskey" by Bow Triplets

1. "Peggy Gordon" by Marc Gunnfrom The Bridge (Celtic & Folk Music)