Celtic women singers today on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Seasons, The Selkie Girls, Lissa Schneckenburger, Jessica Victoria, Celtic Woman, Ciunas, Claire Roche, SeaStar, Tami Curits, Altan, Kellswater Bridge, Jiggy, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

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0:05 - "Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter" by Seasons from Seasons

4:55 - WELCOME

6:09 - "Bleecker Street" by The Selkie Girls from Running with the Morrigan

9:33 - "Young Charlotte" by Lissa Schneckenburger from Song

15:38 - "Mouth Music Medley: Far am bi mi fhìn / Chuirinn air a' Phìob e" by Jessica Victoria from Songs of the Summer Realm

17:27 - "Moorlough Shore" by Celtic Woman from Ancient Land Deluxe


26:37 - "Madam I'm a Darling" by Ciunas from High Time Pronunciation: Queue-nas

29:09 - "The Planter's Daughter" by Claire Roche from The Lilt Of The Banshee

33:23 - "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood" by SeaStar from Sinners and Angels


38:41 - "Frisky Whisky" by Tami Curits from Cairde Cavort

43:17 - "Níon a’ Bhaoigheallaigh" by Altan from The Gap of Dreams Pronunciation: Neen a V-way-gal-ig

49:28 - "Keys to the Castle" by Kellswater Bridge from The Proof is in the Pudding

53:55 - "Who Put the Blood" by Jiggy from Hypernova

58:49 - CLOSING

1:00:42 - "I Courted a Soldier" by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh from Foxglove & Fuschia

Pronunciation: Murr-en Nick OWL-eev

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Eric emailed some videos from his home: "Hi Marc. From time to time I listen to your podcast, which i think is really awesome - bringing the finest Irish and Celtic music to us and the world. A few episodes ago you asked about a possible location to go for. For quite some time I thought the region I live in could be a place you would like, but I always threw this thought away - not this time.

It is a very historical and very interesting place, but not as famous as Ireland or Scotland. Although the country looks a little similar and the music is also not far off. We even have our own dialect "Plattdeutsch" which is recognized as its own language.

I'm sure, now you are excited. I live in the northern part of Germany ca. 4km from the danish border, where I travel each day to work. In the past, this region often changed between Germany and Denmark. Originally it is the home of the Vikings with its trading center Haithabu (Hedeby in English), located at the end of the "Schlei", which is a fjord.

Haithabu is still a location, but nowadays it is a museum including a historical village and it belongs to the city of Schleswig.

Here, you can make yourself a picture of my home region, the Schlei: Video, Hedeby, World Heritage page.

There are some clubs in this region that keep the old way of living alive like in the village of Haithabu or in Wallsbüll (Valsbøl in danish) where each year the battle of Wallsbüll is shown.

There are some bands that play music in our dialect, but they are hard to find e.g. on YouTube. The local radio station may help to find them. Three times a week, in the evening this radio station broadcasts in our local dialect including such bands.

Hope you find my notes interesting. If you have questions, just let me know.

Slainte and have a great weekend!"