Music from Poitin, Three Mile Stone, Sligo Rags, The Nettles, Jim Brannigan, Brigand's Folie, Alizbar & Ann'Sanat, John Byrne Band, Aisling, Trinity River Whalers, La Unica Irish Band, Ballymun Bootboys, The Kreellers, Keith Hinchliffe.

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This Week

"Emily" by Poitinfrom Bofiguifluki

"I'll Mend Your Pots and Kettles-O/Martin Mulvihill" by Three Mile Stonefrom Three Mile Stone

"McVerry's Men (from Crossmaglen) / St. Anne's Reel / Drowsy Maggie" by Sligo Ragsfrom Roll Me Down the Mountain

"Garrat Barry/Indian Point" by The Nettlesfrom The Nettles

"Whistling Gypsy Rover" by Jim Branniganfrom The Hills of Margaree

"Calton Weaver" by Brigand's Foliefrom Twain

"O'Carolan's Welcome" by Alizbar & Ann'Sanatfrom Welcome Into The Morning

"Midnight in Dublin" by John Byrne Bandfrom After the Wake

"George Brabazon - The Boys Of Ballysodare - Reaping The Rye" by Aislingfrom The Pilgrim's Road

"Step It Out Mary" by Trinity River Whalersfrom Both Barrels

"Caminante" by La Unica Irish Bandfrom Caminante de Mis Amores

"Dear Departing One" by Ballymun Bootboysfrom Dear Departing One

"Johnny Don't Go" by The Kreellersfrom Saints & Sinners

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"The Monaghan Jig" by Keith Hinchliffefrom Red Scarf Smiler


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