This week on the podcast, we have Irish Celtic music from Caladh, Blackwater, Amelia Hogan, Earl's Chair, An Taisdeal, Laurent Leemans, Beltaine, Dublin 4, Ellis Island, Doug Folkins, Shishonnah,  Lenahan, Alizabr and Ann Sannat with Faun, Burning Bridget Cleary.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:28 "Farewell to Eireann" by Caladh from Live in Kyteler’s Inn

4:21 "Good Morning, Are You Ready Yet?" by Blackwater from Live at 10

7:46 "The Praties They Grow Small" by Amelia Hogan from Transplants: From The Old To The New

10:49 "Martin Wynne's Set" by Earl's Chair from Earl's Chair

15:21 "Siun Ni Dhuibhir" by An Taisdeal from Home Recordings

20:42 Celtic Music News

21:26 "Fine Flowers in the Valley" by Laurent Leemans from Fine Flowers in the Valley

25:02 "Dooney's Rant" by Beltaine from Jump at Samhain's Fire

28:06 "McAlpine's Fusilers" by Dublin 4 from There ‘Ya Are

32:18 "Rare Old Mountain Dew" by Ellis Island from The Whole Shebang

35:23 Celtic Music Feedback

38:10 "Shores of Moray" by Doug Folkins from Ceilidh

42:03 "Dance with the River" by Shishonnah from Elysian Dreams

45:21 "Nothin' by Lenahan from Brand New Bag and Secret World of Celtic Rock

50:00 "Andro" by Alizabr and Ann sannat with Faun from Lullabies & Legends from Broceliande

55:42 "Chloe's Passion" by Burning Bridget Cleary from These Are the Days

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