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This Week:

“Shooting Stars” Maidens IV from Emerald Fire

“William's Ghost” Rising Gael from These City Walls

“Green Fields of Rossbeigh/The New Policeman” Kilrush from Keltoi Anam

“Carrickfergus” Kevin Tyler from Songs of the Savage

“Drowsy Maggie/Cooley's Reel Medley” Sixtysixdays from The EP

“Have You Been to Carrick/A Fig for a Kiss/Butterfly” Celtic Sands from Celtic Horses

“If I Was a Blackbird” The Captain and Malarky from myspace

“Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady” Darren Raleigh – A Bard of the Harp from Silverwheel

“Angus' Overture” Angus Mohr from The Heroic Adventures Of Angus Mohr

“Green Badge of Shame” Ceann from Making Friends

“Hermes Walk (Tá sé go hAillin)” Damanta from The Drunken Priest…and the ghostly hymns of autumn album on vinyl

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THE CELTIC TOP FIVE 5. “Quick Step/Whistling Rufus” by Rattle the boards 4. “The Stolen Child” by Claire Roche 3. “The Prince of Darkness” by Ed Miller 2. “There Were Roses” by Seamus Kennedy

1. “St. Brendan Had a Boat” The Elders from Racing the Tide