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The Bookends, Andrew Finn Magill, Roads to Home, Wakefire, Brass Lassie, Brad Tuck, The Celtic Camerata, Emma Langford, Cady Finlayson, Dave Howard Coons, John McLean Allan, Tara, Kathryn Rose, Mary Vanhoozer, Trip McCool, Tor, Martyn Wylde, Siubhail/Tress Maksimuk, Michael Tinker Tierney, Vintage Wildflowers, Saby O', Lorcan Mac Mathuna, Conleth Kane, Brian Haitz, Reilly, Clann An Drumma, The Kilt Lifters, Tuatha de Danann, Scythian, Brother Sea

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0:08 - "The Salt Mine" by The Bookends from Chapter One

5:47 - WELCOME

6:36 - "Over the Moor to Maggie" by Andrew Finn Magill from Drive & Lift

10:11 - "Star of the County Down" by Roads to Home from Dark of the Moon

13:51 - "Tam Lin/Johnny Goes to France" by Wakefire from To a Distant Shore

16:12 - "Breton Gavottes "Montagne" by Brass Lassie from Brass Lassie

20:34 - "The Mickey Dam" by Brad Tuck from The Rocky Isle

24:15 - "The Hills of Connemara/The Dawn" by The Celtic Camerata from On the Threshold of a Drink

27:58 - "Birdsong" by Emma Langford from Sowing Acorns


36:07 - "Lavorette/Flowing Tide" by Cady Finlayson from Irish Coffee

39:52 - "Roadways" by Dave Howard Coons from Sea Fever

43:48 - "The Green Hill of Tyrol/ When the Battles O'er/ Lochanside" by John McLean Allan from Family Favourites

48:13 - "I Thank You" by Tara from Single

52:08 - "Galway Shawl" by Kathryn Rose from Origins

58:09 - "Riverside Ceilidh" by Mary Vanhoozer from Bard and Ceilidh

1:01:43 - "Pips and Squeeks" by Trip McCool from Hang Me Out to Dry

1:06:19 - "Ilustración – Muiñeira de La Ilustración, ribeirana de Villanueva e muiñeira picada de Emilio Fernández" by Tor from TOR


1:12:41 - "Learning from the Leaves" by Martyn Wylde from Learning from the Leaves

1:15:47 - "Highland Cathedral" by Siubhail/Tress Maksimuk from Siubhail

1:18:16 - "Carrickfergus" by Michael Tinker Tierney from Due Season

1:22:43 - "Westphalia Waltz" by Vintage Wildflowers from Lovely Madness

1:26:05 - "Missing Piece of My Heart" by Saby O' from Lilac Sky

1:30:34 - "Plait agus Domhnaill (Clontarf)" by Lorcan Mac Mathuna from An Bhuatais & The Meaning of Life


1:38:18 - "Emerald Isle" by Conleth Kane from Liberty

1:42:13 - "Solidarity Jig" by Brian Haitz

1:45:28 - "Resurrection Man" by Reilly from Revelry & Regret

1:48:48 - "Bizzy Lizzy" by Clann An Drumma from Order of the Stag

1:52:14 - "MacPherson's Rant" by The Kilt Lifters from Single

1:56:14 - "Nick Gwerk's Jigs" by Tuatha de Danann from In Nomine Eireann

2:00:25 - "Sail Away Johnny" by Scythian from Roots & Stones

2:04:19 - CLOSING

2:05:59 - "Circadian" by Brother Sea from Single

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Nova Fortier sent a beautifully satirical question: "Mark, I’ve been listening to your podcast on and off for a couple of years. I enjoy most of your podcasts, your updates on where life finds you. But, when you label something ‘female’ or ‘women’ on your podcasts, I am just extremely confused as to why you included any male voices on your latest podcast? I mean, truly, now, why must I endure male voices on a titled podcast to showcase female voices? Looking at all the musical recordings and references throughout history, surely the male ego has been adequately stroked to allow for women to, truly, be able to showcase their own musical abilities without treading on the chrystalline male ego? Sure, you, as a master musician in your own right, can do better, to research an entirely female show when it is marked as such? Yes, that was stroking your fragile male ego, because, after listening to you for so long, I’ve learned that you need such proddings. Simple male, will you never evolve to meet your female sister, ever?"

Trip McCool emailed: "Marc, I want to thank you for playing "Gravy In The Grave". Both my wife and I had Grandfathers who fought in WWI and suffered poisoning from Mustard Gas. It was tough time for young Irish men who returned to a world with little to no support for the insanities of war. The ravages of the mind, body and soul. My Grandfather Frederick Michael Dougherty, was one of those who "Let the women do the thinking and the men do the drinking." Add four children, the stock market crash, the great depression and 'the old boy' was off for the greener pastures of the mind. When my father said, "You don't know what growing up tough is." he meant it! "You want gravy with your spuds! Sweet Jesus will give ya Gravy in The Grave." Keep your guard up!"

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