I'm back with another fantastic episode where I dig into some of the great Celtic music in my archives from the traditional to Celtic rock. It's gonna be a wild, fun show with music from Full Gael, William Coulter & Friends, Kailyarders, Bonnie Rideout, Linda Connell Studley, Jerry McLean and Blackthorne Aire, Celia Ramsay, Emerald Rose, James Olin Oden, Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Wylde Nept, Bourbon & Shamrocks, The Logues, Scythian, The Woodbines, Tuatha Dea. celticmusicpodcast.com/223

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:41"Ships Are Sailing/Wind Shakes the Barley/Star of Munster" by Full Gaelfrom Traditional Music with Celtic Roots

6:02"Fig for a Kiss/Sergant Cahill's Favorite" by William Coulter & Friendsfrom Celtic Sessions

10:21"Stornoway" by Kailyardersfrom King of the Jolly

13:03"Wilkie's Footrace/Aspey's Jig" by Bonnie Rideoutfrom Scottish Inheritance

15:37"Oh, Johnny, Oh" by Linda Connell Studleyfrom New Traditions

18:22"Irish All the Way" by Jerry McLean and Blackthorne Airefrom Single

21:52"The Old Garden Gate" by Celia Ramsayfrom Songs Of My Father's People

24:44"Autumn in Asheville" by Emerald Rosefrom That Night in the Garden

28:15"Always in Bloom" by James Olin Odenfrom Samhain's March: A Winter's Journey

31:46"O'Carolan's Concerto" by Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipleyfrom Yesterday, I Saw the Earth Beautiful

34:02"Ugly Mrs. Fen" by Wylde Neptfrom A Drop of the Creature

39:19"Cinkapin Hunting" by Bourbon & Shamrocksfrom Shock & ARRRR!

41:46"Poitin Valley" by The Loguesfrom Tough at the Bottom

46:19"Dance All Night" by Scythianfrom Scythian Live Vol. 1

50:12"The Lark in the Morning" by The Woodbinesfrom Single

56:01"Whiskey in the Jar" by Tuatha Deafrom Tuatha Dea

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