Irish and Celtic music from Poor Man's Fortune, An Triur, Castlebay, Pipedance, Karan Casey, Burning Bridget Cleary, Abby Green, The Changing Room, Bridgid's Cross, John Byrne Band, Damanta, Paddy's Pig, Seagulls Are Drunk, Flook.

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Today is the day. I will board an airplane and fly to Paris. On Saturday, I will board a train to Rennes for the official start of my Celtic Invasion of Brittany. I'm extremely excited, not just to see this wild and beautiful part of France, but also to share with you bits and pieces of my adventure through podcasts, pictures and video.

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Kevin emailed: "Listening to May the Forth be with you while walking our area Nature Center. Appreciate you."

Aliza emailed regarding the Texas Scottish Festival episode: "This episode is so unique to what you usually provide. Seems the genres are blending - which is cool - it's like I don't know what to expect when I turn this on in the morning. I usually bookmark the episodes I really enjoy and label them with the vibe they project. I know you've received some criticism recently - but ones man's trash is another man's treasure! Don't let the haters get you down. Slainte!"

Joyce Pavelko emailed me: "Hi Marc~ I don't use social media, hence this email. Three brief things I want to tell you:

1) I am a very happy subscriber who just wants to wish you safe travels and some motherly-type advice to be careful.

2) My mother and I are traveling to Ireland and Scotland in June. I can't wait to actually hear the music that I've been listening to on your podcast in its native land!

3) My niece named her daughter Inara. ;-)

Thank you for your devotion to Celtic music. Sent with fondness, Joyce Pavelko, Arlington Heights, Illinois


This Week in Celtic Music

0:32 "Gavotennoù: Dardoup / "Mas Macho" / Brammer Kozh / Ar Menez" by Poor Man's Fortune from In Good Time

7:26 "Lilting Banshee/Munster Buttermilk /Humours of Ballyloughlin" by An Triur from Three People

12:33 "The Galway Shawl" by Castlebay from Bards & Blarney

18:10 "Trim the Velvet/Spike Island Lassies" by Pipedance from The Pleasures of Hope

22:07 "Weary of Lying Alone" by Karan Casey from The Winds Begin to Sing


28:18 "Cat's Meow - Josie McDermott's Reel" by Burning Bridget Cleary from Everything Is Alright

32:07 "Nead Na Lachan" by Abby Green from Einini

34:50 "Row Boys Row" by The Changing Room from A River Runs Between

38:25 "Off She Goes" by Bridgid's Cross from Live Without an Audience


46:41 "Sing On Johnny" by John Byrne Band from The Immigrant and the Orphan

51:10 "By the Sionnain" by Damanta from The Drunken Priest and the ghostly hymns of autumn

5:36 "Rebel Tooth" by Paddy's Pig from Rebel Tooth EP

57:51 "Deep Inside Out the Sea" by Seagulls Are Drunk from Next Round Is On Us

1:02:24 "Pod: Baldy Hollow/The Empty Pod" by Flook from Rubai

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