Patience. That’s what we need more of to get us through this COVID-19 pandemic. I planned to take this week off. We just hit a HUGE milestone. So I decided to give you a bonus episode this month. And not just a bonus episode, but an extra-long bonus to go along with the 2-hour instrumental episode at the end of the month. Enjoy!

Jiggy, Eileen Ivers, Barleyjuice, The Whiskeydicks,  Emerald Accent, Jesse Ferguson, Wooden Legs, Celtic Woman, W Ed Harris, SeaStar, Stephanie Claussen, Seasons, Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill, Lissa Schneckenburger, The Selkie Girls, Skeleton McKee, Tami Curtis, Wolf Loescher, Highland Reign, Harmundi, Pauline Scanlon, Jessica Victoria, West of Mabou, Clover's Revenge, Kilmaine Saints

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0:06 - "Tal" by Jiggy from Hypernova

4:31 - WELCOME

6:03 - "Road Trip" by Eileen Ivers from Scatter the Light

9:15 - "Maggie May" by Barleyjuice from The Old Speakeasy

13:44 - "Boom Bam Jig" by The Whiskeydicks from United We Stumble

16:08 - "Rolling Waves/Tobin's Favorite/My Darling Asleep" by Emerald Accent from The Oats Field

19:55 - "The Wearing of the Green" by Jesse Ferguson from The Sally Gardens

22:10 - "Paw on the Pan" by Wooden Legs from Animali

27:01 - “Dulamon” by Celtic Woman from Celebration


33:33 - "Morrison's" by W Ed Harris from Ye Banks and Braes

36:24 - "Whiskey Rover Down" by SeaStar from Sinners and Angels

41:45 - "Loch Ruthven/The Feet Washing" by Stephanie Claussen from The Road Home from Skye: Scottish and Irish Tunes

44:22 - "Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter" by Seasons from Seasons

49:12 - "Fury" by Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill from Race for the Sun

53:26 - "The Old Beggar Man" by Lissa Schneckenburger from Song

56:57 - "Bleecker Street" by The Selkie Girls from Running with the Morrigan


1:03:40 - "Black Leg Miner" by Skeleton McKee from Edinburgh Underground

1:06:19 - "Friskey Whisky" by Tami Curtis from Cairde Cavort

1:10:54 - "Lads Among Heather" by Wolf Loescher from Sheep's Clothing

1:15:10 - "Streets of Edinburgh" by Highland Reign from Bring Forrit the Tartan

1:19:45 - "Spancil Breeze" by Harmundi from A Breeze Odyssey

1:23:24 - "Joan of Arc" by Pauline Scanlon from Gossamer

1:28:18 - "The Prophecy" by Jessica Victoria from Songs of the Summer Realm

1:30:14 - "The First Pint" by West of Mabou from The Bridge

1:33:05 - "The Maid Behind the Bar" by Clover's Revenge from Truants and Absolution

1:35:34 - CLOSING

1:37:06 - "With Regrets" by Kilmaine Saints from Off the Wagon, Acoustic Sessions

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I originally planned to take this week off. I wanted to get ahead on upcoming shows. The problem is that I am on lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus. Many of you are too.

Yet, I had a few emails from Patons of the Podcast especially as well as regular listeners saying, “thank you for bringing some Celtic music joy to a world turned upside down”.

I know we have over 450 episodes for you to enjoy while you’re stuck at home. Nevertheless I decided to release this bonus episode of the podcast.

And it’s not just a bonus episode. This is another extra-long episode. I compiled it rather quickly. But I hope you enjoy this offering. I’m not gonna talk too much. So thanks to my generous patrons and to each and every one of you. Please wash your hands, stay at home if you can, and be safe.  So let’s get rolling...


The past month was pretty devastating for Celtic musicians. Our biggest month of the year was effectively canned. We have no idea when we will be able to perform in front of live audiences again. And even when we are able, will audiences come out?

Some of us are better off than others. That’s because we have Patreon pages for our music. Just like for the podcast, fans can support some Celtic bands by making a monthly pledge to their music. Sometimes you get some digital goodies for your generosity too.

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The band Kinnfolk posted this little online. I asked if I could share it.

“Call me cynical, but I've always assumed that the world is moving away from live, local music. Our phones are too distracting; instead of looking out into the world around us, our heads are bowed over our screens, or we're busy trying to snap the perfect photo to be enjoyed later on Instagram. Or even when we are alert and's so easy to pull up YouTube and summon a musical performance from any place in the world, any moment in time, any musician we choose. How can a local musician even matter, in a world like this?

That's what I thought.

Over the past two years, this community has shown me time and time again that local music is not only relevant, but is a profound means of connecting with other human beings. I'm reminded of this every time we see repeat faces in the audience. Every time someone dances. Every time a busy bar goes still. Every time I see tears after a performance of "Danny Boy" or "Kilkelly, Ireland." Every time a child wanders to the stage and watches, fascinated, as we play.

I'm reminded that music is not only something we do, but something we give.

And so, as always, thank you all. For listening to our music, attending our shows, chatting with us online. Performance is a circle, and our music is meaningful because of these little moments of connection with you. <3”

I agree wholeheartedly. I find it amazing and heartening to see the outpouring of support the podcast has received over the past couple weeks. And my fans have been absolutely beyond amazingly generous.

This is a stressful time for all. So I’m grateful to have your support.

But I want to remind you to support bands like Kinnfolk and others in this podcast. We love creating and your kindness and generosity are what allow us to keep creating new music. So thank you all.