It’s the Post-St Patrick’s Day, COVID-19 Blues with Celtic music to brighten your day on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

willos', Sean Leahy & Jeremy Spencer, Kyle Gryphon, The Kissers, An Lar, Emerald Accent, Highland Reign, Francis Leclerc & Marise Demers, Harmundi, Seasons, The Blarney Rebel Band, Kilmaine Saints, Brave the Sea, Caliceltic, The Whiskeydicks, Marcas Mac, SeaStar

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0:09 - "The yellow wattle/Kilkenny/Christy Barrys Jigs" by willos' from 4th

4:54 - WELCOME

5:58 - "Reels: Darley's/Brogan Nua" by Sean Leahy & Jeremy Spencer from Entanglement

8:44 - "Cold Iron Stare" by Kyle Gryphon from Isolation

13:39 - "Swallow's Tail (Lilting Banshee / Mug of Brown Ale / Swallow's Tail / Morning Dew)" by The Kissers from Three Sails

19:12 - "The Return of the Dead" by An Lar from Deception


26:53 - "The Oats Field" by Emerald Accent from The Oats Field

31:53 - "Alba Gu Brath" by Highland Reign from Bring Forrit the Tartan

36:32 - "Remembrance" by Francis Leclerc & Marise Demers from Trajet Libre

42:02 - "Morning Chicken" by Harmundi from 2019 - A Breeze Odyssey (Live)

48:04 - "Heart's Downfall" by Seasons from Seasons

51:52 - "MacAroni" by The Blarney Rebel Band from Ever Onward


57:37 - "Off the Wagon" by Kilmaine Saints from Off the Wagon, Acoustic Sessions

59:40 - "Siren's Song" by Brave the Sea from The Kraken

1:04:26 - "The Foxes" by Caliceltic from Some Kinda EP or Sumthin'

1:06:31 - "Johnny Brown" by The Whiskeydicks from United We Stumble

1:10:02 - "Buille/Brag" by Marcas Mac from Sradag

1:14:04 - CLOSING

1:15:46 - "The Dublin Three" by SeaStar from Sinners and Angels

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COVID-19 is understandably bumming out a lot of people. It’s also messing with our lives. So in this episode, I’ll share some new Celtic music for you to enjoy.


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FFdaveJL posted on Apple Podcasts: "My wife and I are taking a two week trip to Ireland this year and listening to this podcast has really got me excited for our trip, as if I wasn't excited already! I have strong Irish roots with my O'Reilly side of the family and this podcast is great for discovering artists and songs I haven't heard before."

Scott Tayler posted: "This reminds me of my Irish great fourth times grandfather."

Old Dude posted: "Longtime listener now exploring other podcasts with emphasis on Celtic music rather than modern social justice causes. Unfortunately this podcast is no longer a relaxing stroll along the high road or the low road to the shores of Loch Lomond. 3 Star rating reflects excellent music and too much SJW discussion."

Daniel Joseph reviewed: "You know a good heart when you hear one. Great music through each week. What else do you want?!"

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I am of Irish heritage on both sides of my family, but we never really talked about it when I was growing up.  I am of the generation  that was supposed to be a “melting pot.”  My grandparents actually changed their names, to keep their ethnicity hidden.  Still - I have always loved Irish music - either makes you want to dance, or cry - so full of emotion.  So - when my husband and I joined our local Recreation Center and started working out regularly, my son told me I should look for interesting podcasts to make the exercising easier.  When I started searching for podcasts, yours came up - I tried it, and I loved it!  Yay!

My husband listens to talkie podcasts, and my son is always giving me suggestions (Stuff You Should Know), but I just love your musical offerings.  I have purchased some of the music, and listen to it on a playlist, but I really like the variety of the podcast.  It sometimes even “makes my day.”  Thank you so much for your upbeat presentation.  It is especially important now - in the sometimes hateful political climate in our country these days, to remember that we all come from somewhere else, and our various perspectives and cultures can enrich our lives, if we treat each other with respect and joy.  I think you do that.  Thank you so much for the pure pleasure your podcast brings."