I'm back from a fun but exhausting weekend of shows. I wanna kick back and relax. So let's enjoy some mellow Celtic music on this week's show featuring Irish Celtic Music from Castlebay, Jennifer Licko Shelton, String Thaw, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, Ed Miller, Beat Smash Square, Clandestine, The Blarnacles, The Selkie Girls, Jed Marum, Liz Madden.

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John Thompson wrote: Hey Marc, Two more excellent shows! I was surprised to hear you play Tam Lin by Coyote Run, although it was a great choice for Halloween. CR was an awesome band. They played the PA Ren Faire a lot. Between Wick and Flame is a fantastic album. They've got a bunch but two of my other favorites would be Places and Coyote Run Pleads the 5th. If there's any chance you can get a hold of some tunes from either one of those it would be great for your listeners.

The fiddle special was amazing! Glad you got Burning Bridget Cleary in there. “Oh My Little Darling/Fire on the Mountain” by Burning Bridget Cleary from Pressed For Time -- also not your typical celtic music. But it definitely showcases their talent. I'm happy to help support this incredible podcast on Patreon. Keep up the great work!

Hank Woodward wrote: Hi Marc, This is Hank in East Tennessee again, wishing a festive Halloween/Samhain season for you and your family. You continue to do a fantastic job with the podcast, and I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming Celtic Halloween show. I’ve got my own “Samhain 2015” playlist put together and I’d love to get your opinion of it. Once again thank you so much for putting out all that phenomenal Celtic music for us all to enjoy. Slainte!

Laurie Gardner wrote: Hello Marc! I am listening to one of your shows at the moment and decided to write you a quick note to say how much I enjoy your podcast. The music is always excellent. I studied traditional music as a teenager and sang with some wonderful artists. Even though I did not continue singing, (in public) I was captivated by Scottish music and tradition and still love listening and singing folk music. Your show has been the perfect way for me to stay connected to the traditional music world.

For the past 8 years my husband and I have spent 2 weeks a year in the UK. We have been to such wonderful places. I love that you help more people visit as part of your dedication to a beautiful musical style. Thank you. The picture is from our most recent trip to the highlands. From the walls of the ruin of Kilchurn Castle on Loch Awe in Dalmally. A gorgeous little place, well worth adding to one of your tours.

I connected on Facebook with a gentleman named Kenny Grey who has a photographic business called Island Images. He and Krissy, his fiancée are amazing people and his pictures of the area are splendid. We had a great meal and pints of local ale at a coaching inn in Dalmally that could work for a group: http://www.glenorchylodge.co.uk . It has an excellent kitchen and a sweet game room style pub, a MacLeod behind the bar. If you get there tell him the Canadian couple from Ottawa say hi. Have a wonderful day! Laurie

P.S. I typically put your show on while I bake or prepare food, especially long haul dishes like meatballs or breaded chicken. And also while editing photographs.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:22 - "Moudiewart/Kiss Me Quick/Stool of Repentence" by Castlebay from Rantin' Rovin' Robin

6:34 - "Planxty Erwin" by Canned Haggis from Rough Draft

10:11 - "Siuthadaibh Bhalachaibh" by Jennifer Licko Shelton from A Thousand Curses Upon Love

13:31 - "Kean O'Hara/Bridget Cruise" by String Thaw from Smooth Sailing

16:28 - "From Clare to Here" by Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse from The Laverock Sang

23:09 - "All We Can Call Our Ain" by Ed Miller from Many's The Fine Tale

30:22 - "The Strayaway Child" by Beat Smash Square

35:54 - "Babylon" by Clandestine from To Anybody At All

40:57 - Celtic Music Feedback

44:12 - "Off to California" by The Blarnacles from Got Blarnacles?

47:34 - "Bonnie Earl Moray" by The Selkie Girls from Parting Glass

52:20 - "Rose of Tralee" by Jed Marum from Confederate Songs of Ireland

55:44 - "The Night Visiting Song (featuring Joanie Madden)" by Liz Madden from Legacy

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