Irish and Celtic music from Brett Lipshutz and Randy Lee Gosa, Kindred Spirits, Steve Hawson, Carey Street, Terry Griffith, Runa, Seamus Kennedy, King Laoghaire, McGinty, Rambling Sailors, String Theory, The Here & Now, Dom Duff, The Gobshites, Greenwich Meantime, Lexington Field, We Banjo 3.

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The Louisville Irish Fest is held on the final weekend in September of each year and features traditional Food, Unique Gifts, Children’s Events, Irish Dancing, Libations and Music from the Emerald Isle. Enjoy music from Blarney Castle, Runa, and Keltricity.



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Leslie Morrell posted in the shownotes: "Lovely program, thank you! Busy running around with morning chores with the music playing in the background but it's so nice. I think I want to really sit with it and enjoy it rather than just having it play in the background! Thanks for making all this great music available freely. Great way to find new artists and to enjoy the vast array of musicians out there<3"

Ann Peck McBride, Radio DJ at KMUZ 88.5 FM posted in the shownotes: "I love this collection of music, and I'm really enjoying that so much of it is from the Pacific Northwest!"


This Week in Celtic Music

0:24 "Miss Galvin's/Ran's Dirty Vans" by Brett Lipshutz and Randy Lee Gosa from Night and Day

3:45 "Daphne" by Kindred Spirits from Dispelling All Woes

6:56 "Fac' Thu na Feidh/Leitrim's Fancy/Morpeth's Rant" by Steve Hawson from No Distance / Gan Achar

10:46 "Dunphy's/Higgins (Hornpipes)" by Carey Street from Carey Street

15:24 "For My Grandfathers" by Terry Griffith from For My Grandfathers

20:48 "Jewels on the Ocean/Michael Connell's" by Runa from Live

25:00 "Ballyneety's Walls" by Seamus Kennedy from Ireland's 32, Vol. 1


29:30 "Toss the Features" by King Laoghaire from Some Irish Stew!

31:24 "Mary Mack" by McGinty from Ballads and Bar Tunes

34:05 "Patrick Street" by Rambling Sailors from Bright Shining Clear

36:57 "Casadh An Tsugain" by String Theory from String Theory

39:04 "When You and I Were True" by The Here & Now from Ladybird


45:08 "Kael K'kwll" by Dom Duff from K'kwll

48:01 "Star of the County Down" by The Gobshites from Some of the Best

50:29 "A Girl" by Greenwich Meantime from Greenwich Meantime

53:57 "Cripple Creek" by Lexington Field from Poor Troubled Life

57:03 "Sail Away Ladies/Because It's There" by We Banjo 3 from Live in Galway

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