Are you too ready to hit the road? Though I wanna return to Scotland or Ireland, I’ll happily take the road to anywhere with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Mithril, John Williams & Dean Magraw, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, Con Durham & Maz O'Flaherty, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, The Selkie Girls, The Rogues, RG Paddler, Cluan, Moch Pryderi, Patsy O'Brien, Don Gabbert, Marys Lane, Icewagon Flu, Molly Bauckham

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0:03 - Mithril "The Ale Is Dear/The Road To Kerrigoarch/The Boarding House Jig" from The Return Home

5:16 - WELCOME

6:08 - John Williams & Dean Magraw "Road to Wexford (jig)" from Raven

10:17 - Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse "The Road to Drumleman" from The Laverock Song

15:19 - Con Durham & Maz O'Flaherty "Reels: Josie McDermott's, Come West Along The Road, The Dairy Maid" from Ar An Sli (On The Way)

Pronunciation: Air un Shlee

18:33 - Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac "Rinn Mi Córr is Naoi Mìle / I Travelled More Than Nine Miles" from Seinn

Pronunciation: Rin Me Core Iss Nee Meal-a

21:52 - FEEDBACK

26:15 - The Selkie Girls "Cheyenne" from Running With the Morrigan

29:06 - The Rogues "A Rogue Less Travelled" from V.O

31:54 - RG Paddler "Travelling Song" from Twisted Stick

37:20 - Cluan "Johnny Allen's (reels)" from The High Road

41:52 - Moch Pryderi "Trafaeliais Y Byd (I Traveled the World)" from Moch IV

44:34 - THANKS

46:18 - Patsy O'Brien "The Traveler" from Irish Guitar

49:41 - Don Gabbert "The Road to Killybegs" from Tejas Go Bragh

51:42 - Marys Lane "Road Less Traveled/Harvest Home" from Wild Unknown

54:44 - Icewagon Flu "Follow Me Up to Carlow" from Off the Wagon

57:43 - CLOSING

58:47 - Molly Bauckham "Somewhere Along the Road" from Maid on the Shore

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One of my big hopes for this year is to get back overseas for my Celtic Invasion of Loch Lomond. But to make that happen, we have to beat the pandemic, mask up, and get vaccinated.

In the spirit of travel, my graphic designer, Miranda Nelson, suggested this theme--The Road to Anywhere. I picked songs and tunes with a travel theme. Let’s hit the road...


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Pete from The Bookends emailed: "Hi Marc - thanks so much for featuring us off the top of your podcast this week and for supporting Irish & Celtic music.  We're thrilled you bought the record and went on to play it on your show"

Maddy Churchhouse emailed some photos: "Hi Marc, Love the podcast. You mentioned you like pictures so I thought I would send some!

I listened to your Samhain episode and a few others from the backlog whilst wild camping the James Heriot Way (a 52 mile circular walk through Wensleydale & Swaledale) in the Yorkshire Dales for three days over the Halloween weekend. With the whirling leaves and autumn fellsides the podcast set the perfect magical atmosphere. The inspiring music was exactly what I needed to pick me up when my energy started to lag hiking down from the head of Swaledale as the sun set, and your cheerful commentary really kept my spirits high while I was night hiking under the full moon on Halloween night and looking for an appropriate place to pitch up! Thank you for spreading such awesome music."

Sophia MacKay emailed: "Hello Mark! I first found the podcast through my mother, and have been listening for about 6 years now. It’s the soundtrack to my 40 minute walk to and from work, and what usually I listen to while I knit.

What prompted me to finally reach out is the latest episode of the podcast. I wanted to make sure you knew Heather Alexander is now Alexander James Adams. He transitioned, and is therefore no longer a “Celtic woman”. I don’t know myself how to handle dead names when it comes to musicians with work still under their old name, but I’m sure you will do so with grace, considering your commitment to equality and diversity with your podcast."

I did know that of course. I was a big fan of Heather Alexander’s work, which is why I reached out to Alex. After getting that emailed, I realized I should've asked Alex before adding Heather to the Celtic Woman show. So I did.

Alexander James Adams responded: "Thanks for playing the music. No apologies needed.

Heather was proud of her femininity. She worked hard at it.??

I tend to refer to her as a separate person, though I show her off vocally when it is needed. (It’s taken years to get a good falsetto??) I like to think that I just have her running around in the background, making commentary like they do for movies on the bonus DVD. It’s a red head thing!

I’m fairly open with the fact that I transitioned and leave it up to each individual as to how or what they say. You can go with the “faerie tale” if you like; Heather being a changeling returned home and me being a Stolen Child released, or you can be straight with your audience. I trust your judgement.

I’m honoured and happy for you to play the music of the Heatherlands. As the Heir, I keep the magic alive by holding all that has been done equal to all that will be.

Honesty is always fulfilling for me.

Again, thank you for supporting my music, especially this year.

I’m glad you’re getting through this still standing and wish you great advancement in the new year!

Happy Holidays!"