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Sean Leahy & Jeremy Spencer, Kalos, Wolf Loescher, W Ed Harris, SeaStar, Stringer's Ridge, Celtic Conundrum, Kennedy's Kitchen, An Lar, Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones, Kilmaine Saints, Skeleton McKee, Brave the Sea, The Whiskeydicks, Tami Curtis

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0:03 - "Polkas: Dálaigh's / Dan O'Connell's / The Hermit from Killarney" by Sean Leahy & Jeremy Spencer from Entanglement

3:39 - WELCOME

4:09 - "Brooke Leigh" by Kalos from Harbour

8:14 - "Lads Among the Heather" by Wolf Loescher from Sheep's Clothing

12:28 - "Star of the County Down" by W Ed Harris from Turas Ceilteach

17:00 - "I Will Go" by SeaStar from Sinners and Angels


25:03 - "Shady Grove/Julia Delaney" by Stringer's Ridge from Handmade

29:42 - "Wherever You May Roam" by Celtic Conundrum from The Promise

33:34 - "Colonel Fraser's" by Kennedy's Kitchen from The Whiskey of Truth

36:34 - "Bells" by An Lar from Deception

41:11 - "Mandela (The Legend)" by Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones from Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight


49:36 - "Painting Paradise Square (Acoustic)" by Kilmaine Saints from Off the Wagon; Acoustic Sessions

54:29 - "The Road to Lisdoonvarna / Swallowtail Jig / Off She Goes" by Skeleton McKee from Edinburgh Underground

57:26 - "Long Road" by Brave the Sea from The Kraken

59:36 - "Clonakilty Girl" by The Whiskeydicks from United We Stumble

1:02:49 - CLOSING

1:03:58 - "Butcher Boy" by Tami Curtis from Cairde Cavort

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Rita Delega messaged: "I Love the Celtic Women. The best!"

Marshall Blosser emailed: "Hello from Newfoundland. Hey Marc, So we landing here in Newfoundland a little two months ago.  Still waiting on my work visa so I have the dosh to go visit all the Irish pubs in town.  There is such a strong Irish influence here that there is still an Irish brogue here. Have you ever thought of doing an Celtic Invasion Vacation to the parts of Canada that the the Celts immigrated to?  The traditions and sounds that they brought over have been kept alive (if slightly modified) here in St John's, Newfoundland.  I think it would make for a great tour.

I'm still hoping to create own (Marc Gunn inspired) Irish music podcast here to help promote the incredible music from the Rock.  I've been taking note on how you do you podcast and looking into the nuts and bolts of crafting my own. I will steer bands your way too, as you would have an even wider audience to share the music with. Anyway, I hope all goes well with you. "

Peter Wood emailed photos: "Marc, this letter has been a long time coming because the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast has been a fixture of my life for almost a third of it.

Back in 2011 I came to Austin, Texas for an internship to cap off my time in college, and I went looking for podcasts to fill my time walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and riding to and from my internship. I had been listening to The Signal podcast at the time, and their appreciation of your Firefly songs led me to discover your podcast. The highlight of that summer was a July Fourth afternoon walking the trail down Lady Bird Lake while listening to the latest Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

I returned home to Indiana, but I continued listening to your podcast while commuting to work and especially while taking my autistic brother on laundromat trips.

I moved back to Austin and I continued to play the podcast. For a while, part of my next job involved checking the new stock into inventory in the morning, while my coworkers worked around me, and the podcast was a natural fit for something to listen to with open speaker as I worked.

Two years ago I met Jessica, and the podcast quickly became something we could listen to while in the car on our outings. She's from El Salvador and has a passion for music, but she's still not very comfortable with English, so it's something we can enjoy together. I think we'd both appreciate an episode featuring Spanish- and Galician-language songs.

I'm finally finishing this email I started over a month ago because I wanted to add that two days ago as I'm writing now, Jessica and I listened to the podcast as we drove across town to the courthouse to get married, and then to the party room for the reception. I'm attaching a few photos of the day.

For a decade, your show has been the soundtrack of my life, and now our life together. Sláinte, saludos, and see y'all from Austin, Texas."