In recent months, female empowerment has become an important topic dominating the media, and the issues raised by the metoo movement have forced this country to have important discussions about how women are treated in the workplace and beyond. Here in Baton Rouge we have some incredibly strong, powerful women who have their own stories of struggles and successes to share. Dima Ghawi specializes in empowering women and helping them reach their leadership potential through the organization she founded, Breaking Vases. Under the Breaking Vases umbrella, Dima is reaching a growing number of women around the world through her speeches, leadership trainings, networking events, website, podcasts and a newly published book by the same name. Shari LeBas is President of GEC, a Baton Rouge based engineering firm, established in 1986 that today has clients around the country. Prior to joining GEC , Sheri served for seven years under Gov. Bobby Jindal as secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation, where she oversaw a budget of more than 1.7 billion and more than 4,200 employees around the state. Photos at Mansurs on the Boulevard by Karry Hosford.

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