Hansel Harlan has taken the hook fanged scourge of Louisiana s disappearing wetlands and turned it into a dog s best friend. Hansel is the co founder of Marsh Dog, creators of doggy treats in the form of biscuits and jerky, made out of nutria. If you think giving your dog nutria treats is a little unusual, meet Niki Hansen. Niki can give your pet a lot more than a unique dog biscuit. Niki is the founder of a company with an almost accurate name, Impossible Innovations, that makes what she calls "veterinary prosthetics" fake legs for animals, from goats to horses and of course including your dog. While this may be the first you re hearing about pets wearing prosthetics it s more than likely not the first you ve heard of the many ways you can pamper your pet. Here in Baton Rouge, Michael Hackett is your pet pampering person of record. Michael co owns two locations of Petz Plaza with his wife and father, and a third location, not family member is on the way. Stephanie Riegel hosts the guaranteed most fascinating conversation you ve heard about pets, prosthetics and wetland pests. And all this is going on right here in Baton Rouge. Photos at Mansur s On the Boulevard by Ken Stewart.

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