If you re so much as an occasional jogger around Baton Rouge you know Jenni Peters. Even if you ve never donned a pair of running shoes, you know the Varisty brand and the slogan emblazoned on the back of the t shirts that are almost a uniform around Baton Rouge Run Hard Live Easy. Jenni Peters is the creator of the brand and the company, which now has 3 stores in south Louisiana and revenues that this year will top 3 million. Back in the early 2000s, when Varsity Sports was just getting off the ground, Matthew Laborde was still in high school. Today, Matthew is the business manager for arguably the best known brand in Baton Rouge LSU sports. LSU Sports is a 120 million operation that includes 21 varsity sports in the NCAA s Division One Southeastern Conference. Stephanie s Baton Rouge Entrepreneur du Jour on this edition of Out to Lunch is Joseph Tucker, inventor of Hydraguard, a revolutionary hydrating mouthguard. Photos on this page taken at Mansur s on the Boulevard by Ken Stewart. More about Baton Rouge entrepreneurs at The Louisiana Business and Technology Center.

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