Andrea Leyerle is a Baton Rouge based entrepreneur who has created an online and retail nutraceutical business, Andi Lynn s Pure and Custom Formulary. Andrea started the company in 2010 in her kitchen, where she began making her own version of elderberry syrup, known for its cold and flu fighting properties. In the years since, Andi Lynn s Pure and Custom Formulary has expanded into a variety of homeopathic and natural remedies that are sold on line and in more than 150 retail locations in eight states. Emily Degan s company, Saint Hugh, makes functional and fashionable clothing for women who like to duck hunt. Emily, herself a duck hunter, was frustrated by ugly camo clothes that didn t fit properly, so she created her own line and named it after Saint Hubertus, an 8th century bishop who is the patron saint of hunting and one of the first advocates of humane hunting. That was in September 2015. Today, her company has grown to include not just duck hunting gear but fishing and hiking oriented products as well. Photos over lunch at Mansurs on the Boulevard by Karry Hosford.

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