If you see someone you think is attractive on social media and you d like to get to know them, the one sure fire way to get shut down is to say "Hi." The best way to meet someone is to say nothing about how attractive they are. This is dating advice by social media dating icon, Karen iKandy Tep, aka datingiKandy. "Dating Guru" barely scratches the surface of Karen s multi talents that stretch from sex s;ave warrior to author to nurse to bare handed fisher woman of the bayou. Cole Williams is loved and in love but by whom and with whom remains an open question. Jumping out of the gentrified frying pan of Brooklyn in the gentri fire of New Orleans, Cole has an interesting perspective on what s happening to the Crescent City. Oh, and she s also the Punk Empress of African Rock. Lowry Curley is the smartest guy ever to drive across Lake Pontchartrain. Raised on the North Shore, Lowry is creating human life in a lab Uptown, but not the old fashioned way that starts with an Instagram photo. Lowry is the founder of a company caled AxoSim that is literally creating human nerves on a chip to be used in drug testing inplace of animals and humans. Andrew Duhon tries out a new song off his forthcoming album, accompanied by Cole s Empress African Gumbo bongos. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.