If you really want to stress yourself out you could do like Trey Fayard borrow 6m , start an airline, and fly out of New Orleans to Shreveport, Little Rock, and a few other hot spots. On the other hand, you could decompress for a mere 50 by getting on a plane and flying to Destin. Trey s airline is called GLO and the flight to Destin is only 45 minutes. You leave from the airport in Kenner around 1pm and by 2 30 you re on the beach with a cocktail. Sam McCabe is a super talented musician, member of New Orelans band The Bantam Foxes, and pretty soon you might see him as cabin attendant on Trey s planes. Trey s hiring and Sam wouldn t mind leaving his job at PJ s on Poydras behind. The Bantam Foxes have an impressive new album, Gold Record, and a wacky new video. Kimberly Rivers Roberts is the star of award winning Katrina documentary, Trouble the Water, and creator of the brand new follow up documentary, Fear No Gumbo. Kimberly is up to year 5 of her 10 year plan for taking over the world as herself and her alter ego, rapper Queen Black Kold Madina. If you want to meet a cross section of New Orleanians who have, as Grant says at the top of the show, nothing in common, but have no shortage of things to talk about, you ve come to the right place. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.