For under 400 Samantha Bearden can show you how to be the person you ve always dreamed of being. A Mississippi born Star Shaman, Samantha will, somehow, restructure your DNA, both in your body and in the ether, and you ll end up being the best version of yourself possible. The total all in cost is 367. Who wouldn t try that, right P H Fred has a number of lives to try out being the best version of his multilple selves. One of the reasons for his multiple parallel existences is that Mr Fred doesn t sleep. Because of the 8 hours a day that frees up, plus being a genius and having the brain of three people at least Fred can manage to write 1,000 songs this year, antagonize every club owner and festival organizer in New Orleans, have a simultaneous roaring international music career while at the same time being an educator extraordinaire. Vince Ebeier was the front man for one of New Orleans most impressive early 21st century rock bands, The Scorceses, before their own success tore the band apart. Now Vince is back with his new outfit, Spylights. Vince and Spylights guitar player Roman Duffard unveil their new material with a song that s a searing skewering of Facebook. The new record Empath, is out soon. You ll be able to get it here. Andrew Duhon is back from touring his new music around the South. Andrew has a brand new song, and a brand new album, False River, due out in just a few weeks. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.