Mac Alsfeld was Jesus personal assistant. Every day Jesus would scream at him, throw stuff, and get naked. Not the actual Jesus in the New Testament he s reportedly still dead this is the guy who played Jesus in the movies, Jim Caviezel. You think you d realize if you were a Hollywood star that if you treat people like crap they re eventually going to go on a podcast that involves drinking and tell the world all about you. Mac assists other actors working in movies in New Orleans, including Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, and Kevin Costner. We get the lowdown on all of them on this Happy Hour. Even more exciting is a look at Mac s own film career as a screenwriter and director. His movie Father Like Son, about a guy who s mom re marries a guy only 4 months older than him, is headed for certain Hollywood success. Remember, you heard it here first. Rosemary Kimble doesn t have many secrets either. There s not much you can hide after you ve shaved your whole body and gotten painted. Rosemary is an extraordinary body painting artist and henna artist. Every year she produces a show at One Eyed Jacks where she invites body artists and circus performers from around the world. The circus performers get their bodies painted by the world s leading body painters then perform, painted. There s not a show quite like it anywhere. There s not a show quite like South x Southwest either. Andrew Duhon is back from Texas with tales of something less than stellar triumph but with an awesome song about Cecilia Champagne from Lafayette, Louisiana. Sam McCabe skipped out of work teaching kids at Lusher Elementary how to play guitar to play guitar on Happy Hour, though he forgot to teach himself the lyrics to his own song. Sam s band, The Bantam Foxes, are releasing new music all year this year and Sam gives us a preview of what we can expect, plus a look back at one of the band s staples.