The Caucasian Bee has the longest tongue in the bee world. Claire Bangser traveled the Caucasus shooting the bees for National Geographic and now she travels the streets of New Orleans shooting New Orleanians for the hell of it. Claire has discoverd that nine out of ten New Orleanians will willingly stop and pose for her NOLA Beings project, but it s only the rare Caucasian that can get you high enough to die. Lee Crum is an internationally renowned photographer whose work has appeared on the cover of most major magazines from Sports Illustrated to GQ to Rolling Stone. Lee and Claire compare the advent of the iPhone and Instagram in the world of photography to Spotify and Pandora in the world of music it s increasingly impossible to get paid and for artists to rise above the onslaught of amateur Instagram images. If you want to see what they re talking about, take a look at Lee s Instagram and Claire s. Andrew Duhon s answer to the complaints about disappearing financial opportunity in the music business is, "Shutup and do great work." Aaron Lopez Barrantes doubles down on Andrew s epithet and plays two great songs on this show. All the photos on this page were taken at Wayfare by Douglas Engel. You can see more of Douglas s Happy Hour images here.

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