Jax Frey is the most prolific painter in the entire world. Yes, you read that correctly. Jax has painted more paintings than anyone in the world. At least 6,500 more than Pablo Picasso who held the previous world record at 13,500. Jax is at 20k and counting. Except she can t get the folks at the Guiness Book of World Records to believe her. Not for want of trying. And not for want of having her record officially sanctioned by Guiness s competitors. The stuff you learn over a drink at Happy Hour is crazy. Did you even know there s a competing world record keeper Anyway, Jax is making 40 bucks a shot selling these paintings and she s knocking out thousands of them. Do the math. Oh, and by the way, she s single. David Capasso was single, more or less, for 13 years. On either side of that was the time he date a woman for a year and a half then went back after the 13 year break and married her. David is an attorney who loves to break certain laws, namely those pertaining to the restrictions on smoking weed. He s also an expert on blow jobs, anal sex, and the comparative merits of performing both or either in public spaces. If you had to have a lawyer, this has gotta be the guy. Whe he gets you off it s going to be a hell of a party. Carly Meyers and Adam Gertner are not legally married but they ve been together since they met at the Denver High School For The Performing Arts. You can see why they were and still are attracted to each other and formed a duo he s a drummer and she s a trombone player. It s a marriage made in some kind of parallel universe heaven where music is different. But guess what It works. They re a duo who call themselves ROAR and their music does seem beamed in from another planet. One where everything is super cool and upbeat but not nerdy and super hip without requiring tattoos and mustache wax. If this music doesn t end up being a super huge worldwide commercial success we ll hand in our prognosticator license. It s a must listen. Photos at Wayfare by Hope Byrd.