Molly Richard pronounced the Cajun way, Re shard first got the moniker Budget Bitch when she was working with homeless folks in Lafayette. Yes, even in a small town filled with decent people there are apparently homeless people, but if you re homeless and lucky enough to run into Budget Bitch she ll slap you into shape and into a home. Budgets and math might not be Helen Gillet s strong point 3x6 Guy Madden but she is able to explain the physics of Indian musical scales. Oh, and incidentally, play them. On a cello no less. There are no words in the English or Hindi languages than can describe exactly what Helen Gillet does with a cello. If you don t know Helen s music, listen to this podcast for the sole reason of hearing it. If you re already a fan you have to hear this Indian raga. Derwyn Bunton met his wife playing soccer on a co ed team. Today they re married and Derwyn doesn t head balls any more but he does head up the Orleans Public Defender s Office. There are 60 lawyers in this office, all defending people who have allegedly committed crimes but can t afford to defend themselves in court. Just like you never know when hardship might strike and you could find yourself homeless, you never when misfortune might strike and you find yourself needing legal representation. You might be interested to know that Louisiana is the ONLY state in the nation that doesn t allot money for this purpose. Instead, Derwyn has to go on Twitter, and wear cargo shorts. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.