String is the theoretical fabric that holds the Universe together and you can t see it even with a giant particle collider. That s the kind of thing you find out when you meet someone in a bar, in this case a woman who calls herself Ari and who is a microbiology student and listener to another podcast about death Death the Podcast who happened to be reading Craig s List and finds herself somewhat mysteriously at this podcast. It s pretty confusing but then so is the correct definition of Pluto. Beyond the planets on this edition of Happy Hour are two legit stars. Big Sam, the leader of Big Sam s Funky Nation, one of the city s finest musicians, and all around good guy, tells stories about hanging out with James Brown, among others, and improvises a song about defecation at Christmas Day. Cecile Monteyne is one of New Orleans finest actors and comedians. Every bit of Cecile s talent is effortlessly on display in this 60 minute conversation that roams from her latest movie to her marriage and traverses characters who speak in perfect British and Russian accents. Cecile s new movie features a song by Andrew Duhon which Andrew performs live. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.